Tiny Switchy

Tiny Switchy is a small switch-modifier with a single-switch input and an output for adapted toys and other switch-operated devices, designed with the following in mind:

  • Toggle and timed-output modes

  • Operates a long time (years) on a coin cell battery

  • Small!

  • Simple to use

Large (and costly) switches and potentiometers are replaced with two small push buttons. Two LEDs are used to indicate mode and switch activations. A solid-state switch extends battery life, reduces size, makes the unit completely silent in operation, and allows the use of a small coin battery. A low-current sleep mode eliminates the need for a power switch (further reducing size and cost).


  • There is no power switch. The Tiny Switchy wakes up instantly when the switch or buttons are pressed. It draws under a millionth of an amp when sleeping.

  • Uses a single 3V CR2032 coin cell battery, widely available. Expected battery life is over 3 years.

  • The user's switch connects via a standard 1/8" (3.5mm) mono jack.

  • The mode is changed by pressing the Mode button. One of the two LEDs will light up to indicate the mode that is now active: Timed or Toggle.

  • The duration of the timed output mode is set by pressing and holding the Time button for the length of time desired. (This also sets the mode to timed mode.) The maximum time is 68 minutes. (Advanced: For long time periods, press the Mode button while holding down the Time button. Each Mode press adds one minute.) Changing modes does not reset the output time.

  • During timed output mode, additional presses of the switch are ignored.

  • Output is via a standard 1/8" mono jack. These specific jacks are rated at 1A current, about typical for a 1/8" jack.

  • Low Battery: If the battery voltage drops below 2.6V (less than 5-10% left in battery), the front two LEDs will flash alternating 3 times. However, the unit will still work (aside from the delay in flashing the LEDs).


  • This device should not be used in situations where its malfunction could cause physical harm.

  • Though the jack and internal components are specified for 1A, not all 1/8" cables may support that current without significant voltage drop, meaning that the toy may not operate or will act like the battery is run down.

  • Some switches may not be designed to switch low currents, such as computer inputs and devices like the Tiny Switchy. The contacts in these types of switches are designed to switch high currents, and can build up oxides over time. This could lead to intermittent problems. Switches from reputable assistive technology companies will use the proper type of switches.